Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 years later...

Yesterday was 9/11/09....eight years since the terrorist attack on our country...8 years since 4 plane crashes would ultimately kill 2,993 people (hijackers included).

I remember the day pretty well...I had dropped the boys off to school and was headed home with baby Avery in tow. We were listening to the radio when the first plane hit...and they broke in with the news. I remember exactly where I was...sitting in my car at the stoplight at Lakeland and Garland Rd. I rushed home to turn on the television....and just watched in horror...another plane...then another...and then another...I watched in horror as the first tower fell....not really even comprehending the fact that that building was filled with people...until a few seconds later.....Not knowing what the rest of the day held, if there was more terror planned, I rushed to the school and got my boys...and rushed right back home to hold them tightly and pray that God would keep us safe.

Evan, then 6, had nightmares for months afterward, drawing horrific pictures of burning the time of the attacks, he loved to watch the news...but starting on 9/11 we had to limit his television time...because it was affecting him so much.

It was a horrible day. A day not one of us should ever forget. A day that took away so much and showed that we are a vulnerable country. But we are a great nation, and I am proud to be an American.

So, to honor our firefighters and as sort of a remembrance..we took some chocolate chip cookies and a thank you note signed by our family to our neighborhood fire station yesterday.


FabulousTerrah said...

What a wonderful idea Amy. We need more people in the world with your hospitality. :)